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Crew Manning

We are providing Bangladeshi Officers, Engineers, Deck Cadets, Engine Cadets, Electrical Engineer Cadets and various ranks of Rating to foreign principal's vessel. Most of them are well qualified and certified from BANGLADESH, UK, AUSTRALIA, SINGAPORE, HONGKONG, MALAYSIA. Our cadets are graduate, diploma holder and pre-sea trained by Govt. approved Maritime Institute. Our Ratings are well trained from Bangladesh Govt. Seaman's Training Institue. All of our crews are trained as per STCW-2010 regulation standard.

Since, we are very careful about the selection of our crews as per our principle's requirements within their salary standard. We have an excellent record of service by our professionally experienced and dedicated saffs. We always look forward to extend our ship crew manning business. We can be right option for Foreign and local ship owner/operator companies to supply Bangladeshi crews.

Interested candidates ship owner/operator companies are welcome to contact with us.

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